AP2E becomes part of the DURAG GROUP

The French company AP2E, a developer and manufacturer of industrial gas analysis systems, has become part of the DURAG GROUP. The acquisition through DURAG Holding AG took place in April 2018. With this transaction, DURAG is expanding its portfolio as an internationally recognized provider of ambient air and emission monitoring systems into the important gas analysis segment. AP2E, founded in 2006 in the French city of Aix-en-Provence, will also benefit from the acquisition and can continue to grow its business, as well as expand its product range even further.

“With AP2E joining the DURAG GROUP, both parties will strengthen their position in the industry”, explains Frank-Uwe Schulz, CEO of DURAG Holding AG. “We will benefit from the comprehensive know-how of the AP2E team and will expand the environmental sensor technology business area with this acquisition. AP2E will continue to operate from its own premises and will work closely together with the companies of the DURAG GROUP, especially with the international DURAG sales and service organization.”

New generation of multi gas analysers

The AP2E solutions are based on an improved laser gas technology and a patented sampling system for gas monitoring. They feature a large measuring range with particularly high sensitivity, selectivity, stability and short response time for simple and also complex gas mixtures. This innovative technology finds its use in the detection of industrial gases, for example in the areas of continuous environmental monitoring, workplace safety, quality control and also the optimization of production processes. More than 400 gas analysers from AP2E are in use around the world, including both mobile and online gas analysers, continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS), process gas monitoring and gas purity controls.

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