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TOC Monitoring of the Reverse Osmosis System to Ensure Efficiency and Water Quality



Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are highly effective for water treatment processes – especially when water quality must meet ultra-pure specifications. However, RO systems incorporate membranes and filters that are prone to fouling, scaling, and biological overgrowth, which impedes the system’s efficiency and can lead to low water quality, fines, and industrial process upsets due to the use of off-spec water.


By means of a reliable and online measurement method like Hach®’s BioTector TOC analyser at the end of the reverse osmosis process, the performance of the RO system is monitored, and the necessary alarm signals are triggered if an inconsistency is identified in the water stream. This allows water treatment plants to respond faster to quality issues and schedule maintenance before issues arise.


For reverse osmosis applications, Hach offers a cost-effective option for low-range, clean-water TOC analysis. Hach’s BioTector TOC analysers deliver reliable, accurate, and online TOC data, providing an early warning of unusual water conditions within the reverse osmosis process. The BioTector is easy to operate, and only requires maintenance twice a year.


TOC Monitoring of Reverse Osmosis


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