Rolex U-Boot 116618 Gelbgold gefälscht


Elegant and elegant dial with 41 mm case, PARACHROM shift paddle and new PARAFLEX shock absorber, with shock absorber and anti-magnetic function, which also makes the watch accurate. Rolex U-Boot 116618 Gelbgold gefälscht The 'Royal Water Rule' production site has created a total of 12 seasons to commemorate the brass emblem of the animal head symbol of the Chinese zodiac symbol in Yuanmingyuan in the Dynasty. Rolex U-Boot 116618 Gelbgold gefälscht
Different times and times can not only reflect different attitudes of the elderly, but can also bring a certain kind of joy into life. a combination of stainless steel case and black hinge. The goal is to have enough space to make the model stable and easy to use. Rolex U-Boot 116618 Gelbgold gefälscht The event took place at the Philips New York auction on Thursday, showcasing 50 iconic 20th century models. The overall color tone is very harmonious, the white face design is very beautiful, it looks like it.

Breguet introduced a special edition for the 2011 single watch competition. The watch has a vibrant silver case with leather strap and stainless steel buckle strap, limited to 20 pieces. Watch summary: Watch overview: Patek Philippe introduced the Nautilus range of women with rose gold and self-winding diamonds in 2015. Seven years ago, the Big Bang series, competing in filmmaking and design, won the 'Best Product Design Award' at the Geneva Hat Watchmaking Awards when it was announced.

After pressing the 9 o'clock button, Time and hands. and used a short photo 3 minutes to preserve glory for your brand.

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