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Multi Component Stack Gas Analysis

EASL can offer sales and service on multi component IR stack gas analyzers. The components measured include Hcl, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, NH3 and SO2. Barometric pressure, H2O and O2 can also be measured for standardisation and reporting purposes.

The composite gas sample is transported via a sample system which includes a carefully positioned heated and filtered stack sample probe and a heated PTFE lined sample tube to ensure the sample does not condense and remains a vapour throughout, therefore preserving the integrity of the sample .

EASL can provide regular quarterly and six monthly maintenance procedures to ensure the sampling system remains serviceable, the analyzer is within manufacturer calibration tolerances on all measured components and that each measured component energy level and drift level is acceptable. All measured component calibration and drift values are recorded in accordance with industry and regulatory standards EN14181. Certified gases and test equipment are used on all calibrations.

On a three year basis a full analyzer condition audit and service can be completed as recommended by the manufacturer together with essential component cross-interference calibration checks. This maximises the analyzers ongoing performance and accuracy. Corrections are applied in the firmware to correct cross interference values. This helps to ensure continued compliance with QAL2 & QAL3 EN14181 requirements.