Analyzer Housing2018-10-23T13:18:03+00:00

EASL can provide a range of glass-fibre enclosures, tailored to your needs, ranging from a small walk-in kiosk to the larger enclosure housing a complete environmental analyses station. Important office/operating space can be incorporated into most enclosures.

Due to the physical location of many industrial analysers, near to incinerator stacks, adjacent to waste water treatment plants, roof areas etc, it is vitally important they are protected from the weather and the local environment.

Experience has shown that irrespective of the analyser casing it will survive and continue to function as required, if the whole assembly is housed correctly.

Because many maintenance procedures require that the analyzer cabinet be open for prolonged periods, it is best that a walk-in housing is provided.

The enclosures can be insulated and air conditioned, regulating temperature and humidity, both variables capable of affecting the analyser operation and life span. Electrical distribution and lighting is provided in all sizes of housing. All enclosures are customized to your particular needs from size & colour to all internal specifications.

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