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TOC Monitoring in Airports for Storm Water Runoff and Surface Water Effluent



Even during normal operations, airports can be sources of major environmental water pollution. Spillage of kerosene or jet fuel, maintenance of aircraft and ground vehicles, exterior washing, and fueling operations can lead to high levels of contaminants in water runoff. In winter, aircraft de-icing chemicals can escalate from 20 mg/L C to 240,000 mg/L C in minutes. It can be a challenge to monitor, control, and treat the industrial water appropriately.


The Hach® BioTector B7000i Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyser is the ideal tool to optimise aircraft de-icing and anti-icing fluid (ADAF) operations, meet environmental regulations, maintain constant discharges, and manage glycol recovery. The BioTector analyser provides reliable and accurate measurement regardless of weather or sample conditions and can be interfaced with airport networks to provide real-time data.


TOC analysis is the most costeffective, accurate, and timely method for the measurement of organics in water. Hach’s reliable TOC monitoring offers operational savings through controlled release of contaminated water to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), helps eliminate legislation fines, and optimises glycol recovery. The Hach BioTector B7000i delivers fast and accurate analysis with minimal maintenance.


TOC Monitoring in Airports


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