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Environmental Analyzer Services Limited (EASL) is a company dedicated to company needs in the challenging field of Reliable Online Environmental Monitoring using TOC Analysers.

EASL provide customer support, equipment maintenance, sales and complete turnkey installations throughout Ireland.

EASL was established in 2009 by a team with vast experience in environmental monitoring and electrical / instrumentation systems. The company undertakes, in association with its sister company Carrigdhoun Instrumentation Limited’(CIL), installation, calibration, commissioning and validation of such systems.

EASL has, in addition to its own resources, a team of qualified and experienced electrical and instrumentation technicians available through its sister company Carrigdhoun Instrumentation.

EASL work to the ideal “The Customer Must Always Be Satisfied”

EASL will always be a customer orientated business, competitive and cost effective, and to continue to earn a reputation of Excellence, not only in Service, but in Quality, Traceability, Performance and Safety.

EASL will always maintain a timely and personal contact with its customers.

EASL always operates to the following standards and guidelines:

  • Safety at All Costs
  • Customer Driven Service Quality
  • Ongoing Improvement Policy
  • Supply Premier Quality Products