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TOC Monitoring of Effluent Water in Wastewater Treatment Plants to Ensure Water Quality



The effluent stream in an industrial or municipal wastewater treatment process can contain numerous organic and inorganic contaminants. Because the effluent stream is typically released into the environment, the quality of the effluent must comply with regulations to avoid costly fines and a potentially hazardous environmental situation.


An overload of organics can reduce the efficiency of the wastewater treatment process. Using a reliable, online measurement method like Hach’s BioTector TOC analyzer helps wastewater treatment plants refine and improve their processes, making it possible to respond faster to changes in the effluent water.


Hach’s BioTector TOC analyzer delivers accurate and reliable TOC data, providing an early warning of unusual effluent water conditions. Even with challenging effluent water that has variable TOC loads, the BioTector performs consistently, without increasing maintenance requirements or reducing performance.


TOC Monitoring of Effluent Water in Wastewater Treatment Plants


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