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Water TOC Analysis using the Hach Biotector Series

Since 1995, BioTector® products have proven to be the most advanced in their class, achieving trusted results from the simplest to the most demanding applications. With reliable, continuous environmental monitoring and real-time process control, the latest generation of BioTector analyzers allow plants to optimize processes by decreasing chemical dosing, minimizing waste, reducing manual sample processes and costs, and lowering overall plant operating costs. The BioTector analyzer has evolved to meeting total organic carbon (TOC) measurement regulation and certification standards.
Now is the time to upgrade from a legacy analyzer to the latest BioTector and begin a new chapter in your facility’s TOC analysis.

Why BioTector?

The Hach®BioTector series offers various improvements over legacy analyzers:
• Intelligent design—oversized sample tubing better handles
even the most challenging applications, including limited
amounts of fats, oil, and grease (FOG)
• Advanced functionality—direct reporting of % removal (B3500dw), and reporting of TOC correlated parameters such as BOD and COD
• Powerful sample breakdown—patented two-stage self cleaning oxidation technology (TSAO) is 40% more effective at oxidizing samples than analyzers using legacy technologies
• Low cost of ownership—designed for continuous operation, the BioTector requires part replacement only twice a year in many applications
• Superior reliability—typically 99.86% uptime enables plants to leverage results for continuous process control
• Worldwide service and support through Hach with installations at leading manufacturers around the world

The Right Instrument for Your Facility
Regardless of your environment and application, there is a BioTector analyzer for you