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Durag Group

EASL are agents for The DURAG GROUP,  they are a leading supplier, developer and manufacturer of products for combustion systems in commercial and industrial plants, environmental monitoring and traffic sensors.

Our products are used throughout the power generation and process industries; for example in fossil fuel power plants, waste incinerators, refineries, chemical plants, cement plants, steel plants and filtering systems. We also serve as consultants for plant operators, design and engineering companies, construction companies and systems integration.

Flame monitors, burner controls, igniters and online spectroscopy

Our products for combustion systems include:

  • Flame monitors
  • Burner controls
  • Electrical spark igniters
  • Igniters for flares
  • Gas/oil igniters and burners
  • Video monitoring of combustion chambers with digital image processing
  • Online spectroscopy of coal-fired and process applications

Dust concentration monitors, air, filter and flow monitors, mercury analyzers and traffic sensors

Our products for emission and ambient monitoring include:

  • Optical opacity and dust concentration monitors (transmission and scattered light)
  • Dust concentration monitors for wet gases
  • Ambient air monitors
  • Tribo-electric filter monitors
  • Flow monitors (ultrasonic and differential pressure)
  • Mercury analyzers
  • Emission and process data management systems including CDM and JI Projects
  • Traffic sensors

ISO-certified combustion system components

We are committed to the highest standards of quality. To ensure this, DURAG is ISO 9001 certified. We manufacture equipment according to all relevant German and international standards, including US EPA, Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Factory Mutual (FM) and SIL3.

Combustion control system and environmental monitoring components

DURAG GROUP products are rugged and versatile, use state-of-the-art circuitry and satisfy the highest safety demands for use in combustion control systems and environmental monitoring. Our products are made in Germany according to the highest standards in design and workmanship.

Our well trained and highly motivated team provides competent services, world-wide. Our qualified engineers stand by for installation, start-up-services, maintenance, repair (on site and in our workshop) as well as for on-call-duty-services. We maintain professional repair-shops and very well equipped service-stocks for fast deliveries of exchange-modules.


  • Advisory service and sales
  • Installation
  • Introduction
  • Start-up
  • Maintenance
  • On-Call-Duty-Service
  • Repair on site
  • Repair in our workshop
  • Customized trainings (in our works or at site)